Secondary Presswork

A typical presswork process includes, shearing, bending, drawing using a series of dies.

Often involves manual movement of parts from one stage to the next, but can be linked i.e. transfer.

There is a sequence of processes involved in the manufacturing of metal parts, commonly referred to as metal pressings.

 Presswork can be an easy process or a multi-stage process depending on the complexity of the component required.

Baylis have a range of over 30 ‘secondary presswork processes’ and include the following in its current range:

  • 10 – 25 ton mechanical presses for very small operations,
  • 40 – 63 ton mechanical presses for small operations,
  • 75 – 150 ton mechanical presses for medium / semi-large operations,
  • 150 – 400 ton mechanical presses for large operations.
  • The range is extensive and capable of folding, bending and punching up to 8mm gauge material.

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