Services we offer

RFQ Enquiry process

Using our GEAC system 21 and extensive experience, we have the ability to respond very quickly to initial enquires and can provide a full and detailed breakdown of all the cost make-up. It’s in our interest to have an ‘open book policy’ so that we fully understand the manufactured cost. We strive to respond to all enquiries within days, and quite often the same day.


At Baylis we pride ourselves on excellent customer relations right from the start. We have the skills and expertise to produce either individual components or complete assemblies and can offer a full prototype service using our in-house equipment or one our approved sub-contractors. We manage the complete process from start to finish, and provide regular updates throughout the build.

Tool Manufacture

We have a number of CAD solutions including AutoCAD and Delcam and can therefore interrogate the initial enquiry and follow through into tool design and manufacture using our local preferred tool making companies. All dies are manufactured to the client’s exact specification and wherever possible we will standardise the tooling. We can even adopt existing tooling to suit our press equipment, generally at no additional cost to the client.

Pressing and Stampings

The current equipment can provide a blanking capability of up to 10mm gauge in strip form or up to 3mm gauge and 800mm wide coil on one of our 300Ton CNC progression presses. Our stampings are made from various grades of material and include all grades of mild steel, stainless steel (304/439/409) and aluminum cladded materials in plain or duplex form.

Projection and spot welding

We have the capability to weld from 25Kva to 150Kva using automatic nut feeders for a range of nut and bolt sizes.

Robotic mig welding

Our ABB robotic welding equipment is designed to be fully flexible and can weld various grades of material including stainless steel. We have recently added a manual tig welding facility to the plant list.

2 axis laser cutting

In 2011 we commissioned an Amada 2-axis laser cutting facility with the ability to cut up to 9mm mild steel and 6mm stainless steel. The facility allows us to be more creative and responsive to our clients needs, and quite often means we can work around low volume batches. Our in-house technicians will prepare the design work and download direct to the machine.

Assembly and Finishing

Baylis has the capability to assemble complete units using an Amada press brake. In addition, we have the capability to use a degree of automotation in the assembly process including 100% in-built sensor fixtures.

Quality Control

We pride ourselves on quality control, with some of the lowest PPM (parts per million) numbers in our sector. In the drive for continued excellence during 2011 we have commissioned:

  • The very latest and state of the art ‘digital image monitoring’ system which can check a component within 2 seconds against an agreed image and,
  • A full plc controlled ‘leak test facility’ which our clients required to meet very demand emission laws,
  • Full plc controlled degrease and wash facility to meet high level of cleanliness standards demanded by our clients.

These controls together with our CMM (co-ordinate measuring machine) allow us to offer our clients a complete service, fully backed by a robust and stringent 8-D problem resolution system, when and if a problem does occur. Every 8-D report is viewed by the company directors and that’s how serious we are about quality.


When we are satisfied with the quality standards, we ship to our customer’s requirement. In some cases this includes daily transportation to agreed time slots. Our EDI (electronic data interchange) systems ensures the client knows exactly ‘what is arriving and when’ backed by our guarantee.

All goods are transported by approved contractors and in conjunction with our container specialists we offer a full returnable packaging service.

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